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Torger Gundersen Bjørlisven ‎(I6)‎
Birth 20 February 1846 34 26 Borde Nedre, Gausdal, Oppland, Norway
Death 30 April 1919 ‎(Age 73)‎ Sumner Twp, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA
Anne Jorgene Christiansdatter Sollien ‎(I28)‎
Birth 26 October 1845 41 39 Sollien, Stange, Hedmark, Norway
Death 30 November 1897 ‎(Age 52)‎ Hale Twp, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA
Morten Gundersen Nedre Børde ‎(I20)‎
Birth 1 August 1843 31 23 Borde Nedre, Gausdal, Oppland, Norway
Death 5 December 1894 ‎(Age 51)‎ La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Torger & Randi Gunderson

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Arneson, Rev. Robert Holton
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Rev. Robert Holton18 February 198435Marriage 
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Gundersen, Gunder Skålenget Gunder Skålenget18 February 1807212Baptism 
Knudsdatter, Synnof Skålenget Synnof Skålenget18 February 1714305Birth 
Knutsen, Gunder Skålenget Gunder Skålenget18 February 1823196Birth 
Lienlokken, Jens Ingebretson Jens Ingebretson18 February 1838181Birth 

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